Alita Battle Angel Movie Review, Cast, Budget & Box Office Collection

Alita: Battle Angel Movie Review, Budget, Story, Cast, Box Office Collection & Other All Movies Info

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Release Date

January, 2019


 2h 2 min

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Director

Robert Anthony Rodriguez

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Producer

James Cameron , Jon Landau

Production Companies:

20th Century Fox , Lightstorm Entertainment
Troublemaker Studios , TSG Entertainment

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Genres

Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi , Thriller

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Budget

$200 Million

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Box Office

$404.9 Million

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Cast

Rosa Salazar
Christoph Waltz 
Jennifer Connelly
Keean Johnson
Mahershala Ali
Ed Skrein
Jackie Earle Haley
Lana Condor
Eiza González
Michelle Rodriguez
Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
Casper Van Dien

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Story

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review is based on the Japanese manga sequence Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro. By the way, its protagonist shares the same concerns as that of that other Japanese export to Hollywood, Ghost In The Shell. And like Ghost In The Shell, this movie has also been accused of “bleaching” its origins. Although it is not as complex nor does it deal with philosophical issues such as Ghost. Whatever the case, the film is partly the origin story of superheroes, part of intercultural romance, and part of the history of coming of age. And this mixture of genres is both their strength and, paradoxically, also their weakness.

Christoph Waltz (Dr. Dyson Ido) is a doctor specializing in prostheses for humans and seriously injured cyborgs. His specialization lies in creating new metallic bodies. Once, while searching for spare parts in the junkyards of the City of Iron, he discovers a female bodyless cyborg with a completely intact human brain. Ido rebuilds the cyborg, which has no memory of his past, and Alita calls her for her own deceased daughter. For a while, she seems as Eliza Doolittle for her professor Higgins but then begins to listen to her own instincts and feelings. She appears as someone well versed in panzer Kunst, martial art for machines. Every time he is in danger, his subconscious goes into action and becomes a total war machine that easily destroys opponents, even four times their size. It is this domain that leads her to be one of the main players of Motorball, a deadly sport in the rollerball line, which became famous for the movie Rollerball (1975), which also dealt with the subject of an existing death sport for please the masses. In a dystopian futuristic society.

She starts to have feelings for Hugo (Keean Johnson), a young mechanic who is also a minor offender. Later he agrees to reform for her. His dream is to go to the sky city of Zalem, for which he has been acquiring parts illegally for Vector (Mahershala Ali), an arranger for the Motorball tournament. Alita gets that Vector is running a scam and that the only legal way to go to Zalem is to win the Motorball tournament. A Zalem super-scientist, Nova (Edward Norton), does not want the inhabitants of the city below ever to appear. Worse, it has been harvesting parts of the human body for hundreds of years to stay alive. Hugo, reduced to being a cyborg due to his injuries, runs down a factory ramp towards Zalem but is killed. Attila promises to avenge her death, and in the last shot of the movie, we see her ready to become the next great Motorball champion, raising her sword in resistance against Nova, against Zalem.

As stated earlier, the movie is coming of age and, therefore, the violence is silent. The heroine goes through many tests to fully understand her powers and gains physical and emotional maturity through her experiences. The action, when it explodes, is choreographed chaos. What we are seeing is mainly CGI and, although it is very attractive, it removes the emotional investment of the viewer who looks at human actors at work. The film has established a premise for future sequels that will take history further. Rosa Salazar, who plays a version of herself with big eyes and motion capture, is the soul of the film. Despite having a metal body, his human qualities are shown, and the actor causes the viewer to drag Alita while facing several obstacles. Christoph Waltz, on the other hand, feels more mechanical despite being human.

All this time in the making of the Alita Battle Angel Movie Review, produced by James Cameron and directed by his reliable assistant Robert Rodriguez, remains an interesting journey. Although given their respective pedigrees, one certainly expected a bigger show with a more avant-garde history.

Alita Battle Angel Movie Review: Rating

  IMDB: 7.4/10
  Rotten Tomatoes: 61%

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