Joker 2019 Movie Review, Cast, Budget & Box Office Collection

Joker 2019 Movie Review, Budget, Story, Cast, Box Office Collection & Other All Movies Info

Joker Movie Review: Release Date

October, 2019


 2h 2 min

Joker Movie Review: Director

Todd Phillips

Joker Movie Review: Producer

Emma Tillinger, Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper

Production Companies:

Warner Bros, DC Films, Village Roadshow Pictures

Joker Movie Review: Genres

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Joker Movie Review: Budget

$60- $70 Million

Joker Movie Review: Box Office

$1 Billion

Joker Movie Review: Cast

Joaquin Phoenix(Joker)
Zazie Beetz(Sophie)
Marc Maron(Ted Marco)
Robert De Niro(Murray Franklin)
Frances Conroy

Joker Movie Review: Story

“I don’t believe in anything,” Joker Movie Review reveals in the climactic scene of the movie. “I just thought it would be good for my act.” This is he confessing to dressing like a clown. Joker is more or less the most intense origin story made so far. It will probably retain that crown in the next few days. Because what director Todd Phillips has done is to disguise a superhero movie or, instead, a supervillain movie with the outfit of art cinema. There is no elaborate space-age suit insight. There are no creative special effects that surprise you. What you get are gloomy games that give life to a dark and corrupt city. A sandy chamber job that makes the ugliness of the fictional town of Gotham seem as real as that of any metropolis in the real world. And, most importantly, what you get is a method actor ready to invest all the secrets of his trade in a comic film. Make a bow, Joaquin Phoenix, for a performance worthy of an Oscar.

Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) works as a Joker Movie Review by day and a comic by foot at night. And it is notoriously bad in both. He looks after his sick mother, Penny (Frances Conroy), in the middle and leads a somewhat lonely existence. He suffers from a behavioral disorder that makes him laugh out loud at any moment. He is a loner who fails to connect with anyone or anything and is living in a society that is falling apart. It is a society that turns a blind eye to someone like him. Your suffering does not matter, as it becomes invisible to your eyes. Something breaks when a group of boys hit it for fun. When it happens again, a group of stockbrokers want to work with him on a train; he retaliates by pumping them with bullets. Ironically, this triggers a movement among the oppressed masses who are fed up with the inability of the system and the arrogance of the rich. In views reminiscent of V For Vendetta, they go out in the street with clown masks. There are riots and looting everywhere, but there are no superheroes present to fix things. Instead, a supervillain is born of chaos. An antihero for whom violence is the only solution.

The film is a tribute to Taxi Driver (1976), where Robert De Niro played a violent loner. He also performed a failed stand-up comic trying to find a break in business through the good offices of a popular host of a talk show in The King Of Comedy (1983). De Niro plays a talk show host here that gives Arthur his great opportunity. The themes of two critically praised De Niro films merge into Joker. He must have laughed inside his mind as he pronounced his lines.

Joker Movie Review is Joaquin Phoenix’s tour de force. The way he gives life to all facets of Arthur’s problematic existence is a master class in acting. According to reports, the actor lost 24 kg to achieve the emaciated framework required for the role. Your Joker cannot be compared with the versions of Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, or Jack Nicholson. Unlike them, he is not fighting superheroes. He is not Batman’s nemesis or his alter ego here, the way the character has been traditionally represented so far. It was a bold selection by the director to eliminate a superhero in the film and has helped Phoenix interpret the role of a person with mental and unstable mental retardation who is reacting to the apathy that surrounds him with violence and finding closure in that. Zazie Beetz is excellent as the woman who offers some kind of support. And Frances Conroy is excellent as Arthur’s mother. I wish there were more of her in the movie.

Director Todd Phillips has been known for his drunkenness trilogy and has reinvented himself with this film that defines the genre. The stories of origin will never be the same.

Joker Movie Review: Awards

Golden Lion

Joker Movie Review: Rating

  IMDB: 8.8/10
  Rotten Tomatoes: 69%

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