Bhoot The Haunted Ship Horror Full Movie Vicky Kaushal 2020

bhoot part one the haunted ship horror full latest Bollywood movies watch online
bhoot part one the haunted ship horror full latest Bollywood movies watch online

Bhoot Part One The Haunted Ship Horror New Hindi Movie and Latest Bollywood Movies

bhoot Vicky Kaushal Bhoot The Haunted Ship Horror Full Movie Vicky Kaushal 2020 Indian Hindi-language horror thriller film directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh and jointly produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Shashank Khaitan

bhoot part one the haunted ship horror full movie watch online

Bhoot The Haunted Ship Real Story

Bhoot The Haunted Ship Real Story: A young Prithvi shipping officer (Vicky Kaushal) dealing with a massive personal loss, is responsible for unraveling the mysteries of a haunted ship. Will you live to tell the story?


  1. Vicky Kaushal
  2. Ashutosh Rana
  3. Bhumi Pednekar
  4. Siddhanth Kapoor

Director By:

Bhanu Pratap Singh


 2h 24 min
Bhoot The Haunted Ship Movie Budget
30 Crore INR.

Box Office:

  • Country India
  • Language Hindi
  • est. ₹40.94 crore
Bhoot The Haunted Ship new Hindi movie Based on a real incident, the movie begins with a chilling scene. As the Bollywood movie progresses, debutant writer and director Bhanu Pratap Singh starts to make fun of us with glimpses of the incident that led Sea-Bird to become the dreaded bhoot part 1 haunted ship. It juxtaposes this with Prithvi’s touching past. Solving Sea Bird’s mysterious deaths gives Prithvi’s life a sense of purpose. Vicky Kaushal takes the guilt of his character and his new bhoot part 1 mission found with the most excellent honesty. The actor manages to deliver consistently despite a repetitive script that puts him in the same situation many times. Bhumi Pednekar, as Prithvi’s wife, makes a brief special appearance, while Ashutosh Rana’s character is too casually written to be taken seriously. Frog plays the learned professor Joshi, who moves with what looks like an old voltmeter to scare away the ghost. When that fails, it even ends up singing mantras.
bhoot part one the haunted ship horror full movie watch Bollywood movies online
In general, horror movies bhoot Vicky Kaushal has some distinctive features to scare your audience effectively. These include timely jump scares, an alarming background score, credible computer graphics (CGI), and makeup (where necessary) that makes the characters look scary. ”Bhoot The Haunted Ship” new Hindi movie bhoot Vicky Kaushal manages to launch itself in terrifying moments while maintaining the subtle background score. However, the CGI often yields, but the cinematography is dark and consistently good. The makeup ends up making the characters look involuntarily funny rather than scary.
While the Bollywood movie execution time is short, the pace seems exhausting because most of the scenes end abruptly, leaving you waiting for the big revelation. However, the critical backstory is not convincing enough to be worth the wait. For a bhoot part 1 horror movie, “latest Bollywood moviesBhoot The Haunted Ship Movie Review” is about to send chills down the spine. At best, it can give you some ghosts.

Release Date:

February, 2020

Producer By:

Karan Johar, Shashank Khaitan

Production Companies:

Dharma Productions, Zee Studios



IMDB: 6.5/10
Users Like:
88% liked this Movie.
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