10 amazing facts about pubg that you must Know

If you know no if you want to know about amazing facts about PUBG is that you are in the right place. Here are some of the amazing facts about PUBG.

As the player, unknown Battleground makes its own history in 2017, and till now within the two years, It Breaks all the rules and makes his record in the chemical industry.

As they are many other Battle Royale games launched in the previous 5 years but this game makes its on new records incoming industry.

PUBG History

Player Unknown Battleground which was launched in 2017 is one of the best action battle Royale games that consists of four players, dual and solo.

In this game, you have to survive during the all match session with all players and get chicken dinner at the end.

These all pieces of information know very well but here are some of the quick records and facts about pubg.

  1. The name

The pubg which is developed by Xbox, pubg Corporation, tencent gaming is one of the best Battle Royale games in 2020. According to the designer Brendan Greene pubg name was already decided as the player one.

Brendan Greene was playing different games and he mentions his name as a player one.

Letter on you decide it to change its two-player unknown and this game is the scene of Battleground fight with other enemies.

These two tricks make the name of official pubg name as a player unknown Battleground.

  1. An All-Time Record Holder

Pubg Prestige all rules until now make its own history by breaking up all the rules of sold copies and online players are around the world.

Till now this is an amazing game sold at least 24 billion copies all around the world.

This game is also very famous on computers, mobile, and on other devices as it is one of the best battle Royale game in 2020.

This game also passed out and Beat all the games that launched in 2017 and 2016 these

  1. Erangel

Erangel another amazing fact as the map angel gets its name from the Brendon Greeneā€™s daughter Eryn.

As the Brendon Greene loves her daughter and called as Angel so pubg Corporation makes a new map which is called as Eryn-Angel.

  1. Pochinki, Russia

Pochinki which is actually the main looted location in Erangel map. So if you are going to place of Fortune ki it is one of the most branches but the main drop point of the game.

But do you know Pochinki ki is the actual real residency and the structure from the Russian village and so that’s why pubg players make houses is a complete village-like Sophia structural from Russian houses?