5 best methods to translate website to English other language

Everyone needs the best method to translate the website to English in another language that he want to read.

There are thousands and millions of websites available on the internet but most of them or not in English.

website translation services

There are more than 6,500 different languages spoken in the world and most of them are spoken in a very low range.

In the internet history, there are almost up to 80% of the websites are in native English language because it is more convenient to read and also to write something in English.

There are several methods of plugins and software available that can easily translate any language of the website into English or into any other

language that you want to read.

Without going to further discussion going to show you the top 10 methods where you can translate any website into English are the language that you spoke in your country.

  1. Using Google Translate web tool

Google Translate web tool is one of the first default told that you can easily translate any of the content from a website and you can directly e read any of the languages into your own language that you want to read.

From this amazing translation feature provided by Google, you not only e translate the complete website but also translate any of the short content.

How to read any website into your own language using Google Translate web tool?

  1. Open the Google Translate website on Google translate.google.com
  2. After then and you can simply add the content that you want to read in English or any other language on the left side.
  3. Then you can change the right side of the language into your own language that you want to read.
  4. Using translate to English option in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best in popular browsers for Internet surfing.

It consists of lots of Amazing features, options, and plugins that can be used in various ways.

It has an amazing option when you right-click on any website then you can easily watch out translate to English option where you can easily translate any language into English to read it carefully.

  1. Using free website translation

http://free-website-translation.com/ is one of the best websites where you can translate any of the language into your own language.

It is one of the best and free tool where you can translate up to 20 different languages into your own favorite language.

This website is totally free of cost and give you the best quality of the result and make the content of a complete website and translate into another language that you want.

How to use it?

  1. Open http://free-website-translation.com/
  2. Scroll down to the webpage and then you will see the options of translation into another language.
  3. Select the original language in which the web site is and then select the target language that you want to read in.
  4. Now you can easily read out all of the content by clicking the translate button.

Method 4- Use Firefox To Translate Page

Here are some of the amazing apps to translate any of the content from the internet or any book which is currently available on Google play stores and app stores.

  1. iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary app which is currently available for free e is one of the most amazing app ever built by developers.

With more than a hundred different languages you can make any of the conversations with a voice to voice and also read out any of the text from any object or even from book or website.

This amazing app has some other features which are actually incredible amazing.

Here are some of the amazing features of iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

100+ language is ready to translate

With your I translate lens for iPhone camera you can point snap and translate any of the sign text in any language into your language.

Amazing offline translation of 40 different languages.

With a huge database of dictionaries and verb conjunctions, this amazing app will give you language tenses.

website translation services