Top 5 Technology invention for medical science in 2020

Technology invention for medical science

Technology not only used in different sectors of the world they also more important in the medical sector new technology not only who stability of doctors to research patient disease and also have the ability to treat patients and monitor their health and medicine.

Till now we know that scientist and doctors build many technologies which are using nowadays like thermometer x-ray machine CT scan and MRI stethoscope another great invention from great scientists.

In 2018 there are many inventions take place in Medical Technology these are:

  1. Smart inhalers

Smart inhalers are the devices that are being used now a day for the treatment of the body via lungs. Doctors and researchers suggest smart inhalers for the treatment of asthma.

During dust and winds condition some people got different types of allergies problem and they got breathing problem smart inhalers are the most meta tag introduced in 2018 which are easy to use and cheap in price

These inhalers are very efficient and better to use.

Recently scientist builds different types of inhalers with different Technologies like Bluetooth enable smart inherit which remained a patient to use their medication and proper time it not only used for patience but they also record date and time when the patient used it.

  1. Blood flow restriction (BFR) training

A new biggest innovation In fitness for 2018 has been introduced this training called blood flow restriction training

BFR training

The purpose of this training or exercise is to control your flow of oxygen in your blood because oxygen deprivation can occur sometimes this training specially used for blood pressure cuff and also used to stop the flow of oxygen-deprived blood out of your limbs.

These types of special training are suggested by doctors specialists please don’t try this type of training because it can cause nerve is vascular damage and I’m properly and incorrectly doing for this training will lead to your muscular damage.

  1. Teletherapy

Teletherapy is also online therapy which is done by using smartphones tablets TVs and other modern device technologies from where we can consult and talk with specialists to more dangerous diseases like cancer.

It is used to treat human mental health by human to human interaction.

Dr. Ken Duckworth said that it is a most amazing technology in Mental Health where a patient is given a video session with an interface and treat their mental condition.

This technology plays an important role in mental health care and many psychologist and therapist use this way for the treatment of mental sick patience.

This amazing teletherapy is done by our daily life use devices and applications like Skype FaceTime and other different kinds of video conference services that are available on the internet now a day.

4. Precision medicine cancer treatment

Cancer is the most dangerous disease ever faced by humanity and during the survey in 2018 more than 1.6 million people diagnosed with cancer.

Recently doctors and surgeons from American cancer society build an approach to treat cancer which allows doctors to select made medicines for cancer patients according to individual cancer genetic makeup.

Buy this approach the doctor for lung cancer will treat only lungs and cure.

This type of approach and Technology is under development and doctors and specialist hope that this will one day help us to treat every cancer genetics and changes.

  1. Artificial pancreas

Every year medical Technologies companies working on different types of Technologies like diabetes medicines and other stuffs.

Recently years doctors and scientists build an artificial pancreas which is also known as an automated insulin delivery system.

These types of artificial pancreas a specially designed to automate blood sugar management in your body and provide insulin which has a more important role to stabilize your blood sugar level.

This type of artificial pancreas and controlled and managed by algorithms and computer models this type of Technology can also be used by smartphone can easily detect your Glucose level and insulin delivery processes.

In 2016 the first artificial pancreas system was approved by the US Food and Administration (FDA).